How do Search Engines help businesses?

One of the most popular engines in the world with simple functionality that made a huge impact in our lives. This is also considered the best book that you will ever know. There are 3 big players that provide us with this system which are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. No doubt you only use of these which is Google. By very simple procedure we can get them out we need. Just type the search keyword and enter it.

Do you ever wonder how this engine works? How does it provide the most relevant answer to what we seek? Do you? Today we’ll give you some idea about this engine’s functions and how would it contribute to your business.

First, let’s understand how the search engine makes search results.

Okay, here’s Juan.

Let’s say Juan wants to search for shoes for sale. Juan may use the exact keyword “shoes for sale” or “cheap shoes for sale” to input it into the search filter.

As Juan enters the search, the search engine will look for matches in their indexing database.

This indexing database is just simply the storage of collected indexes. Search engines use their best algorithm to bring you the best relevant results to display on their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

This time search engine will provide all the web pages related to “shoes for sale” or “cheap shoes for sale”.

Hmm. This is pretty straightforward but another question is how is the indexing database being made.

Okay, here it is.

A Search Engine has a data collector called Web Crawlers. These are software robots that crawl the web to get information. If you have a website, a crawler visits your web pages to collect metadata and information. The gathered information from your site will be stored in their indexing database.

Having a website is the best way to get listed because unlike Social Media pages, through a website you can have the ability to rank the best place in SERPs. This is by the doing of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to which competitive efforts pay.

So how will the Search Engine help your customers find you?

Let’s say you have the shoes that Juan is looking for. Juan lives in Batangas City and your store is luckily located in the same city.

As Juan wants to find a reachable seller, he keeps searching using specific keywords. On his next try, he uses “cheap shoes for sale in Batangas City”.

Using the matching procedures, the Search Engine will include your business website in the list if it exists in their index database and it contains the keywords.

And that’s how Juan will find you the SERPS.