What you must not overlook on the web.

Nowadays, people have been learning a habit of checking Google to get resources. There are millions of Google visits recorded per month in the Philippines. There are studies that say the majority of search topic is about entertainment and 20 to 30% is about products and services.

Google loves to give better results to these millions of searches. What businesses may miss here is the opportunity to help this search engine to give more accurate results. If your brand is not part of the results in any related searches, you might have a problem. You are missing the opportunity of being suggested when someone looks for a product or service related to what you offer.

What puts your business to the worse position is when your competitors are searchable, but you are not. Search Engines score brands based on the effort they made for optimization. This is the reason why you need to outrun your competitors before they kick you out from the results page. As your competitors keep giving values about your product or service category, the more they take the organic reach. This could also means taking your potential customers away from you.

Your social media presence may be an alternative to make your brand searchable, however it is not the best way and option to compete. It has limitations when it comes to optimization and control.

The best way to win over your competitors is to have a website. A website has fully optimizable web pages to achieve your competitive Search Engine Optimization objectives. It means allowing people to find trustworthy pages the next time they search for a product/service related to yours.