How Inventory Product Catalog helps businesses

What is a digital product catalog?

In marketing, a digital product catalog is the detailed information media of products. It shows the product description, variations, and pricing options. It helps the sales representative to present the product with interactive design and functionality. When it comes to inventory, a product catalog also helps the user to know the profile of a product. Moreover, it gives inventory-related information about the product such as location and availability.

Use of product catalog

The product catalog is a panel with search and filter functions. It allows the user to find the product by entering keywords manually and to enter product into the system by using barcode. The catalog displays the product description, variations, location, and availability. Using the inventory system’s location management, the catalog sources from its location of the product.

Who uses the product catalog?

This is usually used in large-scale inventory and in networking inventory. Warehouses use this feature to easily know the stock and location of the product. Multi-store businesses also use this feature to know which branch can serve the product the customer is looking for. However, this function is only possible if the multi-store business is using a cloud-based perpetual inventory system. This system can give a real-time quantity of the product in each branch.

There are times product catalog is publicized to help customer know the availability of the product and which branch can serve them. This can be integrated into the store website and connected to the store’s self-service kiosk. In grocery stores, kiosks help the shoppers know the section where the product is located.


An inventory product catalog is a good help for both customers and store staff. Like the sales catalog, it gives informative facts about a product and its stock status. This technology is beneficial to businesses with large inventory.

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